Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Think You Don't Need a Wedding Coordinator? Well, You Do!

To all of you out there who think you don't need or can't afford a wedding coordinator my questions is this: Can you afford NOT to have one? The answer is most assuredly no.

You and your groom will probably know what you are supposed to be doing on your wedding day and you will most likely do those things in a timely fashion. However, the other 100+ people involved in your once-in-a-lifetime event may or may not act accordingly. This is where a talented Wedding Coordinator comes in handy, and we have the perfect recommendation for you. Muse Events, headed by TC Decker, is THE place to find all the help you need.

Whether you want someone to guide you through the entire wedding planning process or just a super organized, day of the wedding go-to-girl, Muse Events will treat you and all of your guests with respect and help you create the fabulous wedding day you deserve!

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