Tuesday, June 8, 2010


If anyone gets an e-mail like the one below, beware. It's a scam. I had a similar inquiry last year about this time. It ended with them sending me a fraudulent cashier's check for about $3000 more than my asking price and them telling me to wire the extra money to their band in the UK.

"Good day!
My name is David Robben, i'm french by origin. I live and work in the UK (London) with my fiancee Isabella Penny. My fiancee and i are moving to the US as I just got a new job in Denver, CO which I'd commence by the 2nd week of January, 2011. Just before then we are getting married on the 26th of November, 2010. We need your services to design our wedding with flowers for a beautiful and memorable wedding as we are in love with flowers and our wedding flowers should be very special. Our wedding ceremony and reception would take place in the same location because we are inviting just 100 guests which 80% of the guests are foreigners from the UK , France and other parts of Europe .
We are interested in a personalized/customized floral design package according to our flower needs. Our favorite flowers are roses though we love so many different flowers too like calla, orchids, hydrangeas, carnation, dembrodium and tulips which are the major flowers you'll base your quote on.

We are thinking of doing the wedding planning ourselves because we don't want to pay much extra for that but we'd employ the services of a planner on the Day of the wedding to supervise all vendors, prior our wedding we shall make a visit trip to the US in early-October to meet with vendors ourselves for face to face consultations and if we're employing your services we'd surely meet then.

Please let us know if you can help decorate our wedding ceremony and reception with flowers!
Enjoy a wonderful day!!!

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